The Cottage

As a kid I often found reasons to wished time would move faster so that I could be older. In my pre-teens I want to be older to be able to make money and spend it the way I wanted to. A few years later I wished I was 16 to get a driver’s license and be able to go where ever I wanted to.  I got at job when i was 14, a A Nokia cell phone that I paid for on my own at 15 and a drivers license on my 16th birthday. Those long awaited times came and passed as my reasons to be older changed. One thing I remember my dad telling me is that as we get older time moves faster. In understood the concept but did not realize its reality till now. I never thought about the fact that as we get older we have more and more responsibilities even something as simple as when you get a car you have to buy gas and pay insurance thus you have to work more. It’s a domino effect that consumes our time. When we busy with the responsibilities of our daily lives time start to fly in supersonic speed and this is where I wish I could slow it down

This is where the cottage comes in. As hectic and busy as my life has be lately it seems I hardly have time to breathe and  all I want to do is slow things down. I would love to go to a small little cottage on a river bank with a covered porch and a comfortable rocking chair. Come out in the morning sit in that chair and just take in the beauty of my  surroundings.  The sound of river as the water hits the rocks, birds chirping in the distance and a vast  green landscape with a hint of Fall on the trees. Take a deep breath and inhale the fresh crisp coming from the snow covered peaks of the mountains in the distance. take a sip of my morning coffee close my eyes and let the stresses and worries of the everyday life disappear.



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