The Super Duper Car

I want to start of by reminding us of  a saying that goes “boys and their toys.” As a kid, back in Ukraine where i was born, i would scavenge for change and go buy a piece of gun called TURBO. As soon as I got enough change i would run to the store and buy the same gum every time. Even though the flavor did not last long but the inside of the wrapper is what I looked forward to. Once opened you would get a surprise picture of a car. (Click here to see example).  It was a vast verity of cars, European, American, Japanese, even some big-rigs –  but it was the supercars that i looked forward to the most.  I would stare at it for a long time and just imagine what it would be like to dive one. It was and still is my dream to get behind the wheel of an exotic Italian supercar and go for a drive.


Just as I imagined as a child, I still imagine what it is like to get in to a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. My approach slow is slow. Heart pumping from excitement. Fingers sensing the lock mechanisms and hear the sound of an almost silent pop as the door swings open. Is it the new car smell or very fine high-end lather. Clean lines, smooth curves of the stitching catch my eye. as i sit in the driver’s seat i look around not because i want to see what else is in the car but because I am in disbelief.

The start button is the fist thing I want to press to hear the rubble from the exhaust and feel the light vibration from the engine. The perfect car for a perfect place, the Nuerburgring race track. Launch control, sport mode and the gas pedal to the floor. The feeling of being pressed into the seat as the car takes off. The multi-point seat belt keeps me firm in the seat as the car goes around tight corners. Adrenaline pumping throughout my body as the track come to the end. Stop the car, turn the engine off, close my eyes and just sit there soaking in the reality of being in a super car.